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Quality policy

Le Bélier is committed to delivering customers products perfectly designed and manufactured in response to an increasing demand for higher quality. To this purpose and through ISO TS 16949 quality certification system, the Group and its manufacturing plants apply techniques for analyzing and resolving problems in the field based on the highest standards both in the development and production phases.

Le Bélier's quality strategy maintains these high standards:

  • In the development phase, by systematically seeking to reduce the project, product and process risks;
  • In the production phases, through the Top 300.30 program (targeting the achievement of less than 300 detective PPM *for rough casting forged products and less than 30 defective PPM for machined parts);
    • Identification of defects, identification of causes, management based on indicators, facts, data;
    • Training for manufacturing specialties (foundry, machining, process control) and quality;
    • Standardisation: identification, sharing, application of best practices (standards) techniques and organizational methods;
    • Total Productive Maintenance: maintenance and improvement of standards.

All Le Bélier personnel are responsible for achieving customer satisfaction on the basis of optimized costs and participating in the Top 300.30 approach in a manner which is reliable and transparent.

* PPM = defective Parts per Million delivered

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