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Chairman’s message - April 2017



Le Bélier strengthens its economic performance

Once again, Le Bélier has further strengthened its economic performance. Committed to a number of investments, our medium-term horizon offers us good visibility.

In 2016, our operating margin increased by more than 1pp to 16.8%, on revenue of €312 million.

A number of commercial successes, based on increasingly complex programmes with greater added value, guarantee us good growth prospects.

Supported in our development by a still strong financial structure, with shareholders’ equity of €127.9 million and net borrowings of just 13%, we are able to contemplate further external growth transactions.

Confident in the Group’s future, at the next General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held on 18 May 2017 in Libourne, the Board of Directors will propose an increase in the dividend to €1.10 per share.

Philippe GALLAND Chairman of the Board of Directors




Construction of two new plants

Among the biggest problems facing carmakers today is the emission of polluting gases and the consumption of vehicles. To tackle these issues, the production of lighter vehicles and implementation of cleaner engines remain key factors in their strategies.

Against this backdrop, which still favours aluminium, our activity has remained buoyant, with steady growth in tonnage sold, which reached nearly 68,000 tonnes in 2016.

In response to our customers’ expectations, we will continue our development efforts with respect to new products. At the same time, we are continually improving our competitiveness and adapting our human and production resources to meet the strong demand. Hence we are planning to construct two machining plants at the Serbian and Chinese subsidiaries in 2017.

Momentum is there: 28 new products were launched in 2016 and almost €380 million of new orders were won, consolidating our business plan.

We had aimed to exceed €300 million of new business in 2016; this objective was comfortably met. Visibility for the years ahead enables us to easily set a new objective for €400 million of revenue by 2020, giving average growth of 7% per annum.

Philippe DIZIERChief Executive Officer

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