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Chairman’s message - April 2016



In 2015, Le Bélier continues its strong growth

After a historic year in 2014, Le Bélier continued its strong growth, both in terms of activity and economic performances. A sustained level of commercial activity guarantees us promising development prospects.

In 2015, our revenue totalled €318.5 million, up 23% compared with 2014 (+18% when adjusted for LME prices(1)). These figures mark the full consolidation of the du HDPCI group, acquired in July 2014, and its successful integration within Le Bélier.

Our operating profit grew by nearly 40% to €33.5 million, giving a sales margin of 10.5%. A robust financial structure enables us to remain alert for new external growth opportunities.

Buoyed by these performances, at the next General Meeting of shareholders, scheduled for 19 May 2016 in Libourne, the Board of Directors will propose to raise the dividend to €0.80 per share.

We therefore approach 2016 with confidence.

As such, I would like to share the success of our enterprise with all our staff, shareholders and partners.

Philippe GALLAND Chairman of the Board of Directors




Objectives widely achieved!

The objectives that we had set were largely achieved:

  • Our revenue topped €300 million,
  • Tonnage sold came close to 65,000 tonnes,
  • Our industrial performance improved further, this despite the costs related to the technological transformation initiated by the Group,
  • 43 new programmes were launched,
  • The implementation of technological synergies with HDPCI has been a success.

As for the level of commercial activity, it enabled us to win almost €400 million of new orders during the year, including a major programme for a Japanese component manufacturer.

Le Bélier continues to grow and is strengthening its presence in all the continents in which it operates, winning new market shares, especially in Asia thanks to the broadening of our positions.

Our efforts remain concentrated on the development of new products – which represent 74% of our investments – and the technological innovations that we make in our processes.

In 2016, we are initiating a €30 million investment programme, 28 new programme launches are scheduled and we anticipate an increase in tonnage sold. In the short term, we will closely monitor the high costs linked to our technological transformation, even though this is expected to be profitable over the medium term.

Le Bélier offers good visibility for the coming years, with an economic model that affirms its performance.

Philippe DIZIERChief Executive Officer

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