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Opportunities for employment and traineeships

People and careers

According to our scheduled development, we look forward to reinforce our teams of managers, engineers and technicians in our 3 businesses:

    - foundry (gravity die-casting, pressure die casting, rheocasting, sand casting)
    - machining
    - tool making

Therefore, during the 3 coming years, we will be looking for specialists (professionals and/or beginners) in order to guarantee the excellence of our industrial productions. The main functions to be covered would be:

    - processes (diagnostic, implementation)
    - maintenance (general, technical and industrial development)
    - tooling and moulds (aluminium die casting)
    - quality (systems and continuous improvement)

These positions will be available either in France (Group support) or in our subsidiaries abroad (Hungary, Serbia, Mexico, China).

Applicants must speak English for all positions.



The way we organise the responsibilities in our structures are illustrated – in term of general mission – through the hereunder listed positions as examples:


Industrials Operations Manager

Under responsibility of the subsidiary Director, he coordinates production, maintenance, quality, process departments in order to meet customers expectations in compliance with defined targets, objectives (cost, delivery time, quality) and helps the Board to take decision thanks to his own action.


Plant Process Manager

Under responsibility of Plant Operations Manager, he/she realises feasibility studies, thanks to technical pecifications, according to factory characteristics and project’s constraints (delivery time, cost, quality). He runs the detailed study and advises production departments for the implementation of internal industrial means (machines, tools) or participates in the choice of subcontractors in compliance with delivery times, costs, quality, security and environment. He also takes part of continuous improvement procedures for means and industrial processes.


Plant Quality Engineer.

Under responsibility of the Subsidiary Director, he runs the functional management of quality - from development stage until the end of products lifetime - in order to meet expected results by the Direction in terms of customers’ satisfaction (PPM, claims) and non-quality costs. He takes part of the maintenance and the improvement of the quality system for the global efficiency of the company towards its customers.


Plant Project Manager.

Under responsibility of the subsidiary Director and in relationship with Products Line Engineers & Industrial & Quality Direction, he is responsible for meeting QCD targets of the projects and customers’ specifications and manages projects teams (internal & external) from project’s award until start of serial production. He contributes to the technical & economical evaluation of the offers and of the products modifications (internal & external) and evaluates estimated cost during project lifetime. Regularly he does summarized the status of the project during specific meetings.


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