Environmental approach

Le Bélier is applying a system of environmental management.

Nine production facilities are ISO 14001 certified.


Environmental Policy

Le Bélier, a global foundry Group, specialised in the manufacturing of moulded aluminium parts involved in weight and CO² reduction for the automative and aeronautical markets, has chosen respect for the environment as one of his core values since 2007. Le Bélier Group strengthens its willingness to be a responsible company with a sustainable economic growth in harmony with its environment. For this, the Bélier Group directors commits to:


Accompany its customers to reduce fuel consumption and CO² emissions

Favour supplier sources that take environmental issues into account

Comply to all legal or other identified requirements

Continuously improve its environmental management system in order to increase the environmental performance of its plants


Promote respect for the environment among  its employees, its suppliers and its subcontractors

Protect the environment and prevents pollution, by controlling and by reducing the environmental impact of its production sites, in particular: 

  • optimizing energy and water consumption,
  • limiting and sorting hazardous and non-hazardous waste,
  • favouring material recycling,
  • reducing liquid and gaseous discharges into the natural environment,
  • minimizing the impact of chemical products.


Each Group Director commits to promote the Le Bélier Environmental Policy, to enforce it and to implement the human, technical and organisational means necessary for its application. It represents, along with the Quality Policy and the Safety Policy of our Group, the founding and unifying principles of our organisations. Respect for the environment must be a collective concern, it contributes to the maturity of our corporate culture and is one of the pillars of our ambition for sustainable development.

Philippe DIZIER