Quality process

The Group and all its production sites have IATF 16949 certification, which is the international Quality System standard required by all carmakers.


Quality Policy of the Group

Le Bélier is a global, innovative and responsible developer, manufacturer for aluminium casted products contributing to performance, and sustainability of automotive, aeronautic, defense ans space industry.

Our target is a sustainable performance, resulting to a customer, employee and all interested parties satisfaction.

Engineering and manufacturing innovative, low environmental impacting, light products, Le Bélier contributes both to performance and emission-reduction of mobility products and globally serve the customer needs woldwide.

Responsibility, Innovation, Exchange, Transparency, Security and Environment are key values for Le Bélier.

  • our production system M.A.R.S. (stands for Management, Anticipation, Root cause analysis, Standardization) based on commonsense, simple tools involving all management layers;
  • our continuous improvement program MARS+ that unabatedly increase KPI and customer satisfaction;
  • our committees promoting strategical topics;
  • our development standard S.T.A.R. (Structure Teamwork Anticipation Results), dedicated to smooth launches for new projects;
  • our C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) assessment, that will lead to risk reduction and improvement plan.

Le Bélier undertakes to fully comply with the relevant requirements in its field of operation and to continuously improve its quality management system.

Philippe DIZIER