Key figures from the consolidated financial statements

The information below is presented according to IFRS. 

Données consolidées
Données consolidées

(1) Operating profi t on activities: operating profit before "cost of performance share plans" and before "other operating income and expenses".
(2) Free cash flow (FCF): Cash flow from operations less the change in the working capital requirement (WCR) and the cash flow from investing activities. A detailed calculation of free cash flow is presented in the consolidated cash flow statement in chapter 3.1 .
(3) EBITDA: operating profit on activities plus net charges for depreciation, amortisation and impairment (excluding impairment of current assets), less reversals of investment grants, less the net profit or loss on the disposal of assets. The cost of performance share plans (see chapter 3 .2, Note 3.1.7 to the consolidated financial statements) and employee profit-sharing are excluded from this indicator. A detailed EBITDA calculation is presented in chapter 3 .2 , Note 3.1.12 to the consolidated financial statements.
(4) Net borrowings: the balance of borrowings (current and non-current), on one hand, and of cash (cash and cash equivalents and short-term investment securities), on the other, net of the impact of hedging instruments. A detailed calculation of net borrowings is presented in chapter 3 .2, in Note to the consolidated financial statements.
(5) Operational investments: amount of the acquisitions of intangible assets and property, plant and equipment, including finance leases, but excluding financial assets and goodwill. See chapter 3 .2 , Notes and to the consolidated financial statements.